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Materials and paper that we print on.

Photo papers
     -Semi Matte

Off set paper
     -Double Weight Matte

Adhesive vinyl

    9 mil., 15 mil., or   19 mil.

Fine Art paper
     -Fine Art Finish

Mounting Materials Used:
Foam board
     3/16” and 1/2” thick.
Gator board
     3/16” and 1/2” thick.
     3/16” thick.

Your choices of lamination materials available:
Film thickness
     1.5 mil., 3mil., 5 mil., 10 mil.
     Available in 1 thickness only.

If you donít see a product that you may be interested in, please feel free to
e-mail us at to inquire about it.

Photo Touch Up

If you have a photo that is less than desirable because of red eye, acne or something in the background, we are able to help you out. A&J Grafix will touch up your photo to make it pleasing to you. Through our graphics programs we are able to work with your photo and remove items or add color depending on your needs.

A&J Grafix gives you 5 minutes touch up time at no cost to you, which would cover red eye or some blemishes on a face. Please make this selection if you desire to have red eye removed or to remove blemishes on a face. More in depth touch up will require more time, and an additional cost will be added to the price. Additional touch up times include 10 minutes and 20 minutes. If more extensive touch up is required consider selecting (Photo Reconstruction) to cover your needs.

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Photo Reconstruction

Memories are a precious thing. Do you have an old photo? Do you wish it didn’t have that scratch or fold mark on it? Is the color faded or worn out in areas? Are the corners ripped or missing? Give us a call we can help you out. By scanning your old photo we can harmlessly capture the image and rework the photo on the computer. Through our program we can fix undesirable imperfections or results of aging on the photo. Following the reconstruction of the photo we will print a new copy out on high-quality photo paper by Epson, on your choice of paper from our selection.
Photo reconstruction is priced according to the size of the original photo and the degree in which it needs reconstruction.
  • Level 1 This level would cover minor scratches or color corrections due to age.
  • Level 2 This level covers small missing corners or larger scratches or tears
  • Level 3 This level means there is a lot of work to recover image color or missing pieces that
    need to be dubbed in.

Level 3 Reconstruction BEFORE/AFTER


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Ink jet Printing

With the use of our 44” high quality Epson wide-format printer, we are able to deliver the best of quality to you. Printing at a resolution of 2880 x 1440 dots per inch we can produce images that are extremely realistic in color and clarity.

Printed images are created from an eight color printing system. This eight color system prints with formulated high density pigments, creating an extremely wide color gamut. The inks that are used are water resistant and scratch resistant as well as having light fastness ratings of 200+ years, which means your photo will hold its true durable color for a very long time.

Photo Enlargements/Prints

Looking to get a photo enlarged? We can enlarge your photo for you. By scanning your photo we can harmlessly capture the image to be increased in size. Digital photos can be printed out at any size (providing the photo was taken with a resolution capable of enlarging to the desired size). The higher the setting on your camera the larger the photo can be, without losing any sharpness. All photo enlargements will be printed on a quality photo paper by Epson, with your choice from our selection of papers.

Choose Border Color     

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Scrapbook Sticky Photos

If you like scrapbooking, then you will love sticky photos. Scrapbook Sticky Photos are photos printed on an adhesive vinyl that is available with either a gloss or a matte finish. The adhesive on the vinyl allows you to adhere it and reposition it if needed without ruining you pages. The vinyl gives great color and is resistant to ripping and moisture, and is also non-acidic. By selecting a color for the background you will create a frame for each individual photo when cut apart.

Simply cut and stick your photos where you want, no gluing/ taping or messing with thick adhesive dots. The Scrapbook Sticky photos come on conveniently sized 12” x 12” sheets. The 12” x 12” sheets are available in three selections. Selection 1- (12 photos 2”x3”) Selection 2- (8 photos 2.5”x4.5”) Selection 3 - (6 photos 3”x5”)

Choose Border Color

Scrapbook     Scrapbook     Scrapbook

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Panoramic Photos

If you supply us with two or three photos that are taken from the same point, time, and level across a subject we can put them together to create a panoramic photo. We also can create a panoramic looking photo by re-sizing a single photo to simulate a panoramic view.

Panoramic photos are great for spaces where wall space can be large and unused.

Choose Border Color

*With combining two or three photos, some clipping of the photo may result by re-sizing or positioning of the photos in the creation of the panoramic picture. Check out our sample to give you an idea of how it is done.

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If you have a product or service to promote, create a display sign that you could stand up on its own, whether on a counter top or on the floor. By mounting the image to a foam board and the use of an easel back, you can stand your display up wherever you need. Displays can be as small as 8.5” x 11” or as large as 40” x 60” (some larger displays can be unstable). You can contact A&J Grafix about special projects.

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Banners are a good way to get information out in a large way. By using a vinyl material, banners are made to be weather proof and durable, for use indoors or outdoors. Combined with the light fastness of the ink and durability of the vinyl, these banners can handle years worth of abuse. By adding grommets to the corners, you are able to tie your banner up and secure. Hanging your banner up in many different ways is easily done.

Banners are also good for temporary, and easy to use signs. By rolling the banner up for easy storage you could use it for annual events. They are popular for their use by trade show vendors. Banners are widely used among many businesses that you see around. They can be as large as 44Ē x 40í or as small as you would like. (Contact A&J Grafix with any questions).

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Wall Murals

Wall murals are large images that consist of one or more pieces that will stick to a surface to create a larger image. These are fun in kids rooms or recreation areas. The material is removable when applied to a painted or wallpapered surface.

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Floor Graphics

A floor graphic is an adhesive image that has a special floor guard laminated surface that is non slip and durable. These are great for entry ways into a business for advertisement. You could also use them for informative purposes such as safety awareness.

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Art Prints

Art prints are images that are typically larger in size to be framed as wall art. By choosing the desired look of your print, we can simulate the look of a watercolor painting or even an oil painting. Your photo will have a uniqueness that not everyone has to show. Your image can be printed on canvas, a velvet fine art, smooth fine art, or a textured fine art paper. Canvas is what you would use to simulate an oil painting, the backing looks and feels the same as oil canvas. Velvet art paper has a soft surface to it, if you run your hand on it you can feel the softness. Smooth art
paper has a soft smooth absorbent surface, this can simulate a watercolor picture. Textured art paper has a
surface that looks all wrinkled, almost a look like stucco.

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Signs are commonly used in store fronts to give information about products, or sale items. You may find them hanging from the ceiling to promote an item or a sale. They are also great for short-term or annual
usage. Political signs are a good example of a short-term sign use.

We can produce your sign on a poster board for durability and rigidity. We can even create a sign to be mounted on a sheet of plywood. To protect your sign from the weather we would encapsulate it on our laminator, then mount it. Signs can also be mounted on a foam core, or gator board, with or without lamination. Signs can vary in sizes depending on your application. Some common sign sizes are 17”x22”, 20”x26”, 22”x28”, and 28”x44” (please call with special requests, and shipping information).

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If you have a need to post temporary/semi-permanent information, or promotions. You can have a poster printed on any one of our selection of papers.

Posters prints are something that you could roll up and store for later use. You can extend the life and longevity of your poster by laminating and/or encapsulating it. To make a poster form more of a permanent use you have the option of mounting it to a backing material. Backing materials consist of foam-core, gatorboard, coroplast or even plywood (please contact A&J Grafix with requests on plywood, as shipping methods may be different and costly).

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A&J’s One Dimensional Photo Frame

A&J’s One Dimensional Photo Frame is a photo and a frame that is printed as one on an adhesive vinyl material that is able to adhered to many surfaces. These surfaces can range from painted walls, glass, wood, tile, and some wallpapers that are smooth.A&J’S ONE DIMENSIONAL PHOTO FRAME

The vinyl has a non-glare surface which shows bright clean colors and is also water resistant which means you can use them in a bathroom or an area that may get wet. This material is also removable so when you desire a change it is easily peeled away from the surface for re-use. For photos that have been in one place for a long period of time simply warm the adhesive with a hair dryer before removal. One dimensional photos are great to use in RV’s, Kids rooms, Bathrooms, or even in the shower or wherever you may want to display an image. The A&J’s One Dimensional Photo Frame has no glass to break and no frame to fall off of the wall, meaning they are a safe and easy way to display photos in a babies room, bathroom or an RV where safety is always a concern.

They can even be used as a mouse pad. They easily stick to most surfaces, so protect your desk by sticking your photo directly to the surface. Works well with optical or a ball track computer mouse. Your One Dimensional Photo will be framed by a frame style and color of your choice from our selection on the order form.

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Dry Erase Boards

A&J Grafix can create for you a one of a kind dry erase board. You supply us with the images that you would like on the dry erase board and we will create it. Dry erase boards can be any size up to 36” tall by 60” wide. On each dry erase board there is a grid for monthly planning and a column for shopping needs, or things to do. They also come with a dry erase marker.

Dry Erase Board

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Laminating is a great way to preserve your printed piece for long-term use. This application can simply protect your print, or increase thickness for even more durability. With the use of dual roller heating on our 44” Seal Laminator we can fully encapsulate your printed piece to protect both sides from water damage or scratches.

We offer a full range of film thicknesses, from 1.7 mil to 10 mil. Thinner films are most commonly used for giving you a protective coating. Thicker films will give your print more body and durability. The thicker the film the stiffer the print will become.

You can also choose your finish, choose from gloss, satin, or matte, (contact A&J Grafix for special applications). When you are choosing the finish there a some things to keep in mind. How is the piece going to be used? Where is it going to be used? (Environment), How long will it be used, and the amount of handling the piece will receive in the course of its use? These are some determining factors when choosing the finish.

A gloss film will allow light glare, but will also give your print a look with rich and vibrant color. Gloss is more likely to show fingerprints and smudges, which can be easily wiped off. Gloss laminate film is the most commonly used film among a wide range of projects. A satin film will reduce light glare while still showing good clear color. This film is good to use when there will be a lot of artificial lighting being used. A matte film produces a glare-free coating with a dull look, great for resisting fingerprints and smudges. This gives your print a soft look in appearance.

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Foam BoardsMounting is a process of adhering your print to a thicker backing material creating a stable form. This process is used for displaying as a stand-up, or free hanging from the ceiling or wall. There are also many other applications where a backing can be of use. This backing can be that of foam core, gator board, coroplast or even a thin plywood. (Please contact A&J Grafix with requests on plywood). Mounting is a two-step process, the first step is to apply the adhesive to the backing material, and the second is to apply the print to the backing material being used.

Mounting adhesives with an opaque body are used for dark backing materials to eliminate the chance of any of the color from the board or mounting surface to show through your printed piece.

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Canvas Wrapping

Canvas prints can be wrap mounted onto a wooden frame giving you a professional look to your print. Your canvas print can be wrapped to a Gallery look (having the image wrap around the edges of the frame) or a Museum Look (museum wrap will have your choice of white edge or black edge).

Choose your border color.

Canvas Wrapping - Gallery     Canvas Wrapping - Museum

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With twenty two plus years experience in printing, and having relationships with commercial
printers in southern NH, we feel that we can help you get the best quality at the best price for your printing
needs. A&J Grafix is committed to helping you out in finding the best place for your job. We have a wide
range of knowledge and capability in our reach, from digital printing, off set printing, label printing, and
screen printing. A&J Grafix will point you in the right direction.

Let A&J Grafix help you out in finding what you need. Contact A&J Grafix to see what we can do for you.

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